Helping You Win Government Contracts

Are you a Canadian business owner who wants help responding to government RFPs?

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Canada Bids by Jametec is here to be your outsourced proposal management team. We connect Canadian businesses with Canadian bid writers to allow our clients to focus on what they do best - running their business!

We notify you of bids in your service area. We use a combination of 19 different platforms and human eyes to filter real potential contracts for you. It is just as important the contracts that you don't want to bid on to keep your inbox clean.

Since launching in 2020, we have produced 100% compliant bids. RFPs have constantly changing “mandatory criteria” that your bid must communicate. Your bid will be guaranteed to properly communicate the ways you meet the contract. Procurement officers cannot check your website or ask you to clarify items after the deadline has passed, so if you do not have a proper write-up it is declared “non-responsive” and you are disqualified. While criteria are constantly changing, the information you give us can be re-used and put into the new correct format. 
Canada Bids by Jametec strongly believes in inclusion in the workforce for minorities, neurodiverse and peoples with disabilities. One way we show support is by donating 2.0% of our annual profits to Canucks Autism Network, which supports Autistic children and Adults and provides training to promote the inclusion of neurodiverse people in the workforce and community.

If you are struggling to fill roles in your workforce, please visit Ready Willing & Able to get dozens of free resources and understand the benefits of being more inclusive!

Canada Bids loves supporting organizations that are working to make the world a better place, please reach out if you are a sustainability focused business or owned by a minority (e.g. Indigenous, women, LGBTQS+) to learn about specific Federal/provincial incentives to help you become a government supplier.
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